About us

Background Story
A teenage dream has come true.
Thirty-six years ago, two buddies, Lam and Wai, secondary school classmates and summer job co-workers in a factory, made a wish that they could run their own manufacturing one day, a meaningful world where they earned pocket money. After three decades, the two buddies chatted over their visions and came up with a roadmap for their manufacturing enterprise.

The co-founders, Lam and Wai, of the company are born and educated in Hong Kong. Lam, after graduation from secondary school, furthered his studies and embarked on a building engineering career in the blooming construction sector. With years of cultivation, Lam becomes one of the high-achievers with remarkable contributions to the sector. As a seasoned management of the sector, Lam feels that the Hong Kong economy relies too much on tertiary industry. Lam has faith in secondary industry.

Wai, the entrepreneur, was committed to mechanical production and the pursuit of a career in manufacturing industry of Hong Kong. Heavy industry a fading star of Hong Kong economy but a rising star in Mainland China attracted Wai to start his own business in Mainland China, where he produced packaging and labeling machines catering to satisfy the needs of various products. To date, Wai is one of the reputable manufacturers in the field with proven tracks of diversifying his portfolio of business into manufacturing a variety of machines and products.

Lam has never thought of leaving his comfort zone though his thoughts on the unhealthy economic development of Hong Kong community dwell on. The past social events and the recent Covid-19 alert Lam that the Hong Kong community needs to inject positive energy and revive manufacturing productions. Initially Lam hopes to support Wai’s mask production line in Mainland China and development of manufacturing machines for health protection products and so he invites Wai to bring his know-how and technologies back to Hong Kong, as a means to contributing the well-being of HK community.

Wai, but, lays a condition. He invited Lam to work side by side in pursuit of these endeavours. Recalling their teenage words, Lam responded to his buddy’s request by actions. Now, they are partners, co-founders and co-workers sharing the same mission to strive for the dream for the company and the community.